Fluvial Routes

& Cargo Planning

An adaptable Simulation model that helps to plan routes and operation of your fleet,
considering all restrictions, security measures and delays that are relevant in the operation.
At the same time, an Optimizer of routes, convoys size, and fleet size, that maximize the
Net Voyage Revenue. Before Push Boats commit to a contract, it is necessary to evaluate,
according to restrictions and geographical situation, the Net Voyage Revenue for that
contract within the whole fleet context analysis.

Advantages →

Analyze your plan
Fluvial Operation Simulation

Compare Scenarios
Scenarios Analyzer

Risk Analysis

Maximize Net Voyage Revenue

Why →

The simulator analyzes all variables and iterations to choose contracts and
routes that maximize Net Voyage Revenue. As a result, you will have the proposed plan and you will also
be able to input scenarios to analyze alternatives.


Simulate and analyze different production
scenarios, for the following twelve months
of demand, open by SKUs and production lines.
The simulator will let them know production needs
in units and batches, according to demand, initial
inventory, and "real production" estimated month
by month, using periodization criteria and minimum
production policies, defined by the user.



Optimize capacity &
Minimize Inventory

Optimize the use of production lines,starting with
an optimized production plan, without stock-outs.
Capacity optimizer output will be used as input of
this third experiment. Within this simulation, the
analytical engine will look to complete the use of
monthly available capacities.

Play Scenarios

Optimize the production and preproducton
needed to avoid Stock-Outs for all SKUs. Within 100
automatic runs, the simulator will reproduce all the
necessary production within the available capacity,
priorizating the products shelf life and minimizing
warehouse costs.