Location: Iowa, USA – Industry: Crop Protection
Project: Global Planning & Consolidation Solution

Design and Implementation of a Global Planning & Consolidation Solution for
Albaugh LLC, and afiliate companies in USA, Europe, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina,
based on SAP BPC, SAP BW/IP, SAP EPM, SAP BEX & SAP Lumira, developing the
following business models: Sales/Demand Planning, Dynamic Forecasting, S&OP,
MRP Production & Purchase Planning, Income Statement Planning, Balance
Sheet Planing, Inventory Management, Financial USGAAP Consolidation, and
Venture Analysis & Simulation. The system is currently running on SAP HANA
and AWS.

Perfection Pet Foods

Location: California, USIndustry: Pet foods industry
Project: Production Simulator model combined with Multi-objective Optimizer
The goal was to optimize the detail scheduling production steps and satisfy the weekly

In order to accomplish the goal, we designed a multi steps model, with different
strategy planning options, in order to find the best approach to maximize use. We
also included restrictions and constrains within these strategies. The model will
then run an optimizer to find the best trade off solution to satisfy demand in the
chosen scenario. The model output is a detail schedule plan for each extruder
and packline for the weekly production.


Location: Santiago de Chile – Industry: Sanitary goods
Project: Strategic Simulation Model to Optimize ROA in a 8 countries network
The goal was to optimize the production network, defining where and when to
produce each SKU according to the demand and cost.

As a first step the model simulated the production of all the SKU’s in
each country, with an unlimited capacity, to calculate the production and lo-
gistic costs in different scenarios for the demand of 8 countries. Once all production,
warehouse and logistic cost for different scenarios were calculated, the model runs based
on a matrix of increase benefits to find the optimized result.

Lupin Pharmaceutical

Location: Baltimore, USIndustry: Pharmaceutical
Project: Simulation Model for New Product Acquisition & Launch
The goal of this tool was to estimate the potential gain of market share, in diffe-
rent marketing scenarios.

Once calculated the potential gained pool of consumers in both populations, OTC and Prescription,
the model estimated a projection of gross and net revenues expected within this market
share. It also runs a sensitivity analysis, to detect which of the marketing variables
have a larger influence in the results (using a tornado chart), and also runs
a Montecarlo experiment, in order to quantify the risk.


Location: UruguayIndustry: Diary & IceCreams
Project: Implement a Production Simulation Solution for IceCreams factory
Based on a simulation model template developed by our company, using Discre-
te Events, Agent Based and System Dynamics methodology, adjusted to the Ice
Cream production process and business rules at Conaprole. The production si-
mulator allows the analysis and optimization of different production scenarios,
taking in account the 12 month rolling demand plan, initial inventory, target inven-
tory, production rates, production routes, batch sizes, equipment capacity and
OEE, forecast errors (MAPE), etc. and provides an optimized production plan eli-
minating stock-outs, minimizing inventory & warehouse costs while maximizing
the shelf-life of the products. The model is been integrated with SAP master data
and PP, and is also integrated with the S&OP process, and provides detail analytic
options with the existing reporting tools used by Conaprole.


2014 – 2015
Location: Argentina, Paraguay & UruguayIndustry: Fluvial
Project: Implement a Logistic Simulation Solution, for Cargo using Barges and Push Boats

The goal of this tool, was to evaluate all the possible scenarios of the in-land
waterway operation suggesting to push boats which contracts to choose. As
output it provides a proposed route plan for each push boat, where to allocate
barges, based on the highest net voyage revenue, and how to build the
convoys. It considers all port delays, all navigation times and possible delays, as
well as levels of water and weather conditions, to plan the commitment to con-
tracts for the whole year. It is used as well as an analysis tool, to be able to sug-
gest the best contracts freight price in each port and route.


Location: Mexico CityIndustry: Retail
Project: SAP POS Data Management Implementation. Responsible for the SAP
Integrated Planning Area

Responsible for the SAP Integrated Planning area within the project, defining
and implementing a Sales Commission Calculation & Reporting Solution, to be
integrated with SAP’s retail industry solution, POS Data Management and POS
Data Management Analytics BW model at Liverpool, DF, Mexico City.

Company: Novartis Institutes

for Biomedical Research

Location: Boston, USIndustry: Pharmaceutical
Project: Global Finance Dashboard and Planning Solution
Analysis and redefinition of their Global Management Reporting and Planning Solution based on SAP BI Platform.


Location: Mexico DF
Project: Regional SAP BI Management Reporting, Demand Planning and Finance
Planning Solution for Cadbury NOLA (North of Latin America, including Mexico
and countries of Central America and the Caribbean)

SAP BI project implementation, and integration coordination with the SAP ECC pa-
rallel implementation, design of the solution based on SAP BI Platform,
 implementation of the global solution, and roll-out in 10 countries.


Location: Basel, SwitzerlandIndustry: Pharmaceutical
Project: Global Finance Monthly Outlook Reporting and Submission System

Finance Monthly Outlook Reporting and Submission System, implemented for 155 Novartis
Country Units, for the monthly Outlook Reporting and Submission process, developed for
the Finance Headquarters in Basel, Switzerland
Project Management and implementation, for the implementation of the Global
Web Reporting & Planning Solution, built on SAP BI platform, for the Monthly Outlook 
P&L planning & submission process for all Novartis Affiliates.

Arcelor Mittal

Location: Brazil & ArgentinaIndustry: Metal
Project: SAP Global Management Reporting and Planning solution for
Sales, Purchase, Production, Transportation, Variable and Fixed Costs, HR, Indus-
trial Costing, Balance, Cash-Flow, P&L, Macro Economic indices based on SAP BI


Location: ArgentinaIndustry: CPG
Project:  SAP BI implementation, for a Regional Management Reporting & Sales and Finance 
Planning and Simulation solution, for the South-Cone region (Argentina, Uruguay, Para-
guay & Chile), based on SAP BI Platform and PowerSim (Simulation Tool)


Location: Argentina & SpainIndustry: Oil & Gas
Project: Upstream ABC costing, monthly closing and annual planning processes,
that supported Repsol & YPF activities in Spain and Latin America, based on SAP
SAP BI Platform.

Coca Cola

Location: LATAMIndustry: Beverages
Project: Regional Balance Scorecard for Finance developed with Arcplan
Definition, design, development and roll-out of the solution for the Coca-Cola’s
Latin American Division headquarter in Argentina.


Location: France & UKIndustry: Pharmaceutical
Project: Global Finance Cockpit for Sales, Marketing & P&L KPI´s based on SAP BI Platform

Definition and Implementation of the Corporate Performance Management
Cockpit Solution, for the finance and controlling division, for Sanofi-Aventis UK,
as part of a Global SAP Solution implementation in France for more than 25
European Countries.


Location: Italy & SpainIndustry: Pharmaceutical
Project: SAP BI implementation, as a Regional Management Information
System solution for Sales and Finance, including management dashboards.
Definition, coordination and implementation of a MIS solution for Aventis
Pharma (today Sanofi) in Italy based on SAP BI Platform.