Sales &
Operation Planning

A global solution for global companies.
Our S&OP model, designed by Ite Consult, for C-level executives who need to have all
the important information of their company and its subsidiaries in an agile, safe
and reliable way. Get the information you need to make smarter decisions at the
speed of the market needs, while you save time, money and improve control
over your global sales and operations.

S&OP is an integrated business management process through which the
executive team continually achieves the following:

Aligns daily operations
with corporate strategy.

Integrates sales &
operations departments.

Matches supply
and demand.

S&OP Forecasts can be adapted to any line of business and time horizon, leading into Sales, Production,
Inventory or any other Strategic Plan that align and synchronize all functions of the organization.

S&OP process helps to react quickly to new market trends or incidents using Historic and Previous
Forecast Data to “Re-Plan” with the periodicity that each line of business needs.

S&OP is about integrating your daily and monthly plans with your long-term business goals. This
solution brings together: demand plans, financial goals, data from every division, location or department,
supply plans, inventory quantities and new product plans.

S&OP decision making process helps to consistently outperform competitors and create value
opportunities to internal and external stakeholders.

Our value proposition →

Over the last 15 years we have created SAP planning models that integrates the entire Planning and
Financial Consolidation Process, with intuitive templates that helps to control your planning process
and simulate different scenarios.

This process is customizable to any type of business, to plan Monthly Forecasts and Annual Budgets,
integrating historic and forecasted Data of all companies’ subsidiaries providing the best management
analytics and optimization scenarios.

The implementation of a Sales & Operation Planning platform involves a variety of new tasks, shifted
roles and responsibilities, that it’s already a big enough challenge, so relying on a proven model design
will allow you to implement S&OP in a fraction of the time, and run it on SAP HANA & Cloud services,
saving you time and money, while you focus on the quality of your planning process, rather than
fighting with constant data integration issues and IT and infrastructure constrains.

With S&OP you will be able to →

Review your current plan

Evaluate different
scenarios simultaneously

Consider the introduction of
new products and planning
the disposal of old products

Create a plan with marketing
and sales forecasts

Compare the proposed
scenarios & determine which plan
is best for your company

Monitor your KPIs
& Increase your ROI

If you are a C-Level Executive in your company, S&OP will help you to
evaluate, monitor and influence the impact of your plan.
Are your objectives achievable? Find out!