& Optimization Solutions

Modeling is a method of solving problems, in which the system under study is replaced by
a simple object that describes the real system and/or its behavior and is called a model.
Simulations are a special class of computer-based mathematical models whose behavior is
dictated by equations and algorithms, typically based on data, and represented by some
type of computer user interface. These models mimic the behavior of real-world system and
develop theoretical outputs based on varying input data. Simulations models help the user
to find the Optimization of the process at different levels: operational, tactical or strategic.

Step 1

Play with Scenarios &
Play with your variables
Imagine diferent answers to
marketing actions from men
or women, young or adults

Step 2

Compare Runs, with
Parameters Variation. In a
methodic way the experiment
will show you the variation on
the outputs and allow to
compare costs and benefits
of each action along time.

Step 3

Sensitivity Analysis. View in
a Tornado graph, which
of your variables have a
larger or smaller probability
of impact on your output.

Step 4

Define your objective with an
equation or number, apply
constrains and just run the
optimizer. It will deliver the
best variables combination.

Advantages →

Risk-Free Environment

Handle Uncertainty

Strategic Decisions

Increased Accuracy

Save Money and Time

Insight into Dynamics